(Excerpted from the complete article written by WizarDavid and which I recommend that you follow the link and read)

Just what is a Daddy Dom? Well, to start with, a Daddy Dom is first and foremost a Dom. He chooses the subcategory of “Daddy” within the lifestyle of dominance and submission (D/s). Let’s get one thing out of the way right at the beginning. A Daddy Dom does not promote incest or pedophilia as the kink may be misunderstood by ignorant people. Rather, in this specific subcategory, the dynamic is set up for the male dominant to be called “Daddy,” and the female submissive (sub) to be called “girl,” “little girl,” or “babygirl,” etc. Rarely is she called “daughter,” as this evokes too many parallels to incest, which Daddies and their girls detest. And while some doms and some subs may have been victims of family violence, incest, or other abuse, Daddy Doms and their girls are not over-represented in these categories any more than the general population.

The following are some of the fundamental characteristics, and indeed needs, that all Daddy dominants seem to share universally:

1.  Her Number One Fan, the Daddy usually believes in his girl more than she herself does, and often uses the wisdom of his age to see her not only for who she is, but also for who she can become. A Daddy’s eyes light up when his girl enters the room. He is proud of her and praises her for not just for what she accomplishes, but for what she attempts, and for who she is. He accepts her for who she is, flaws and all.

2.  And he knows all her flaws because he is also her ultimate Confidant, allowing her to bare her soul to him beyond all others. She may have many different relationships and types of friends in her life. But Daddy will be her “umbrella confidant.” The one with whom she can talk about absolutely anything and trust that what she tells Daddy stays with Daddy. He is the one from whom she withholds nothing. …

3.  He is the Protector of his girl against real or perceived threats, dangers, and bad people. Sometimes a little girl just needs to curl up in Daddy’s arms and smile at some of his bluster, and sometimes the Daddy may have to act on his protective instincts. Pity the person who messes with a Daddy’s girl.

4.  Her Teacher and mentor shows her new things that come from a longer and possibly wider set of life experiences. Daddy likes to take his girl to places she has never been, feed her foods she has never eaten, and do activities she has never enjoyed before. He is never so happy as when he can look in her eyes and know he has given her something she has never had before. This also translates into sexual adventurism for some Daddy/girl couples. He symbolically deflowers her on a regular basis, whether that be sexual or just in exposure to new life adventures.

5.  He wants to be her Guide and advisor. As the girl makes her way in the world, Daddy wants to be there to answer her questions, calm her fears, make her insecurities go away, and give her sound advice based on his years of experience.

6.  Anchor. The Daddy dom is an unyielding, unmovable anchor in the storm. No matter what happens in the girl’s life, she knows her Daddy will be right there where he has always been, and she can hold onto that even if she is blinded by her own tears. Daddies know the storm will pass, and she will be safe, but she needs something to hold onto that will not move.

7.  Disciplinarian. When the girl acts badly, she expects to be disciplined or punished for the infraction. Most Daddy dominants find it occasionally difficult to keep this up, especially as the affection for their girl grows. They would love nothing more than to spoil their girls, but they realize this is the path to ruin. One a girl begins to believe she can manipulate Daddy, she no longer sees him as her dominant, unyielding anchor. A girl needs the stability and protection of a man who is more dominant than she is. To demonstrate that characteristic, Daddies must sometimes be excessively strict and rigid, more so than they would in normal relationships. The act of disciplining the girl may be used as part of a sadomasochistic activity.

In addition to these practically mandatory characteristics, some couples add their own sadism and masochism to the mix, and may use the concept of the wolf or lion and little lamb to describe the way in which the Daddy simultaneously protects his little girl from the world, and yet wants to dominate and devour her sexually. As a sadist, he may create the very tears that he will later kiss away. Sounds sweet, and yet terrifying, if you are not accustomed to the world of sadomasochism in which these participants operate. But to a Daddy and his girl who are into BDSM, this is the most perfect of scenarios they can imagine to act out their fetish.

A Daddy usually knows he is one. He doesn’t have to be convinced of it, or taught how to be a Daddy. He may only need to have his innate Daddy characteristics pointed out to him. It might happen in the throes of a sexual activity when she exclaims “Daddy” for the first time, and the light goes on. Similarly, the little girl usually knows she needs a Daddy without having to be taught how to be his little girl. Once they identify themselves as Daddy/Little Girl, the draw is more powerful than many other forms of attraction, because it is rooted in deep-seated and old emotions that may not have any other outlet.

While some of these characteristics could easily be applied to any good male-female relationship, there are some that require something quite different than the “50/50 partnership” that is so often touted as the most healthy. This is not 50/50. This is a Dominant/submissive relationship, and all the characteristics should be viewed through the lens of D/s.

And while many of the characteristics could also be easily applied to any good D/s or Master/slave relationship, there are some characteristics that are decided different. Not all Masters consider themselves their slave’s number one fan or her umbrella confidant. Teacher, guide, and anchor are not necessarily roles that a Master is required to adopt.

This is very well written.

Perfectly stated!!!!
Love this blog... will you be updating anytime in the future?

Yes anna I have had a very busy summer work-wise and was about to begin writing again now that things have quietened down. Unfortunately my netbook battery died recently and I am now frantically looking for the warranty to get a replacement. Hopefully, you will get a spanking new story very soon… Love, Lucy.

Home Alone

It was late afternoon when Lucy got home that day and she found herself alone in the house.

This was a rare occasion because Daddy worked from home and although he would be out most of the day while Lucy was at work, he tried to be back for when she got home so they could spend as much time together as possible, unless of course, Daddy had work to do, or Lucy had chores. Still, they knew that either one was never very far away.

Lucy was restless and it was all Daddy’s fault. Earlier that morning, he had teased her while she had been in the bath. He had come into the bathroom while she lay there amid the bubbles and at first, they had just chatted while she soaked herself in the steamy suds, but inevitably, Daddy had demanded Lucy sit up in the water so he could wash and bathe her “properly”.

“That’s a good girl for Daddy” he had murmured with a raw huskiness in his voice, as he had spread her legs wide, turning her slightly sideways. Daddy had dipped her favourite sponge in the hot water, rubbed in the baby soap and squeezed the suds over her shoulders, letting the soapy water run over her neck, arms and breasts. He paid particular care with her arms, holding each one up in turn, slippery in his grasp, and washing over and underneath, before turning his attention to her breasts and each peaked, rosy button.

Lucy had moaned loudly as Daddy expressed each teat firmly, despite its empty display, the pain and pleasure indescribable as Daddy’s vice like grip milked her nipples firmly, torturously, as if milk would spurt from each crimson tip, but it never did.

“Mmnmhhnnnn.. ohhh yess Daddyyyy…” Lucy had groaned, clenching her thighs together as the ripples of pleasure throbbed through to her aching kitty. She’d gripped the edge of the bath tightly, her eyes closing as she bit down on her lower lip.

“Such a dirty little girl, wanting Daddy to milk her…” Daddy had admonished, his mouth lifting slightly in a wry smile at his little girl’s obvious display of wantonness.

“I bet if Daddy was to slip his fingers inside you, you’d like that, wouldn’t you, little slut?”

When Daddy talked like that Lucy got very squirmy and as she moaned her acquiescence, Daddy’s fingers played over the smooth velvety lips of her kitty.

“Yes I know, little one. I know” soothed Daddy, pushing his girl’s rising hips down into the water so that it slopped over her aching mound while he unzipped his trousers.

“Now be a good girl and suck Daddy’s cock and I might let you play later” he had said, sternly, as he took his horny little princess firmly by the hair, guided his pulsing hard-on to her mouth and pushed the thick head between her hungry lips and as she began to suck it greedily, Daddy considered himself to be a very lucky man to have such an obedient slut who loved to please her Daddy so willingly.

After Daddy had spurted his seed into his little girl’s gaping mouth, he had gently wiped her lips with the sponge, kissed her forehead and proceeded to wash her hair.


It was much later in the afternoon with these thoughts in her mind that Lucy found herself lying across their bed with her hand firmly buried between her legs. She lifted her head to note the time displayed on the clock on Daddy’s bedside drawers. “My chores are done and Daddy did say I could play…” she mused and in minutes her shoes were kicked off with a clunk to the floor and her panties were being wriggled down to her ankles. Her blouse was whipped off and her bra unhooked and flung to a nearby chair.

Lucy’s kitty was already wet and she swirled her third finger over that wetness and then across the surface of her swelling button, her free hand expertly spreading her lips wide, as she had done so many, many times before.

Lucy started to rub her aching button slowly and lightly at first but she was too horny and she added pressure, raising her hips, small moans coming subconsciously as the looming figure of her Daddy invaded her thoughts. She saw the silhouette of Daddy’s broad chest and wide shoulders, felt his big strong fingers range over her legs, thighs, kitty and ass, pulling and probing, pushing and opening.

Stretching her holes.

“Ohhhgod yesss Daddy” Lucy sobbed, her fingers pushing themselves where Daddy’s fingers should be.

She could hear his voice, deep and tantalisingly close, teasing her.

“I think this naughty little girl wants Daddy’s cock, doesn’t she?” he asked in Lucy’s mind.

“Yes Daddy please.. please ..” she begged, her fingers working harder although to her frustration, she was getting tired and not getting the kind of friction on her button that she enjoyed.

For every little girl knows what it takes to get her to that place.

It was Toy Time.

Almost frantically, Lucy rolled over to grasp the knob of her top dresser drawer. Pulling it open her hand flew instinctively to the place where her favourite toy lay. She could tell it just by feel alone. It was a longish, conical vibrator but had one big difference in shape that made it stand out from all the other toys she possessed.

It was made in the shape of a corn on the cob, which was wider at the base but coming to a rounded off point, with all the segments of corn individually moulded to make each rub against her sensitive button a delightfully nobbly sensation, especially with just the right amount of lube.

It also vibrated controlled by a screw end at the base, and added with the sensations of the corn texture, it was guaranteed to make Lucy cry and sob very loudly indeed.

Slowly she poured a small amount of lube onto the tip and turned on the toy. Then with her left hand, she pried apart her kitty lips and held back the soft folds of skin that had the lovely effect of making her button stand out proud and exposed.

Lucy touched the lubed up tip of the dripping toy to her pearly button and gasped as the cold liquid dribbled down her hot, tight little crack. Then she began to slide the toy lightly over and down, and as each tiny bump ran over her button, it sent a ripple of pleasure through the little girl lying like a well-practised whore on her back, legs spread wide, bent at the knees, heels dug into the bed covers.

Up and down, up and down Lucy slowly slid the toy, bumping lightly over her mound, catching at her exposed clitty, the soft, sensitive perineum and down to her tiny tender rosebud, then back up her opened lips again. The sensations were almost overwhelming and Lucy’s moans, gasps and whimpers were now accentuated by the arching of her back and the spreading of her fingers to push her sore little button yet further out and more exposed to her abuse.

For the closer Lucy got to her orgasm, the harder she pressed the toy against her sensitive sex, rubbing harder and harder and often bruising herself while the heat of friction built up as the lube began to dry. Sometimes she would have to spit on her toy to wet it again, if she was too far from cumming, but today it was all she could do to hold herself back.

With a sob of relief the spread of heat closed in tight and she felt that all too familiar “time standing still” feeling she got when nothing else mattered but the burst of her release. As she came, she threw her head back with a long “OhhhhhGodThankyouDadddyy” and her hips rose, bucking and thrashing, toes curling into the cover and her back arching as she pushed through the orgasm with long, delicious strokes of her sopping vibrator sending ripples of ecstasy through her quivering body.

Now each stroke brought a soft pulse of pleasure and Lucy’s shakes began to subside until finally they stopped completely and she collapsed back onto the bed, revelling in the aftershocks tingling down her thighs and into her toes like runway lights twinkling to the end of a runway. She let her vibe drop onto the bed, her hand tired and cramped. All she wanted now was to sleep.

Just as Lucy was beginning to drift off, sated and drowsy, she was aware of a noise far off in the distance, of a door closing and she smiled.

“Daddy’s home” she thought.

The picnic.

The sun was streaming through the curtains when Lucy woke. She stretched, feeling Daddy’s warmth against her back. She sighed, stretched languidly and tentatively ground her bum back against her Daddy’s thighs, feeling his slowly awakening cock twitch once, twice, and then begin to stiffen. She smiled, luxuriating in the warm early morning, fleeting images taking her back in her mind’s eye to the night before, of his tenderness as he took her by the hand and led her upstairs, slowly undressing his little girl and then having her bend over on all fours in the bath to clean her thoroughly before allowing her the long hot soak they shared together.

Then afterwards, wrapping her in a thick towel and taking her to sit between his legs in front of the living room fire and slowly, carefully, untangling her long damp golden hair. His fingers un-knotting the long silken strands and smoothing them with the soft towel at the same time fingering her rosy nipples, playfully tweaking and milking them as she groaned softly, wantonly, her head tilted back teasingly into his crotch. He had wanted her so much right then. However, he had purposely dried and separated her hair into two bunches and had tied a baby pink ribbon on each bunch before taking her to bed.

She smiled again, delighting in the fact that it was still relatively early on a Sunday morning and they had the whole day ahead to enjoy each other and so with that in mind, she turned slowly under the duvet and began to work her way down her Daddy’s slumbering body, breathing warmly and oh so gently on the sensitive parts of his skin; his chest and nipples, his belly button, often just flicking his flesh with the very tip of her tongue. His body was warm to the touch and the musky smell of their sex that lingered on him made her dizzy with lust.

Bending her head low, she had let the loose strands of her long golden bunches tickle his skin teasingly on his balls and thighs as she blew softly on his puckered skin, Daddy shifted slightly and she heard a muffled groan come from above and her face dimpled, knowing he was now awake and fully enjoying her administrations.

So encouraged, Lucy lifted her head to his now fully aroused member and slowly began to engulf the whole of his cock as he groaned again louder, allowing the warmth of her mouth to suffuse down the entire length of his shaft feeling it twitch, turgid in her throat.  She knew Daddy would want to use her soon - maybe he would just face fuck her - she loved him taking her like that, just pulling back enough to let her gasp for breath, showing her he had absolute power and that she was his to use as his filthy little fuck toy.

She felt his hand reach down and push her head roughly onto his cock making her gag a little but she was getting better at taking his length long and deep as Daddy liked it, then his hand pulled her head back a little as the duvet lifted and he smiled down under the sheets at his cock hungry little whore.

“Good morning Princess” he mused.

Lucy grinned up at him and managed to talk with her mouth full.

“Morning Gaggy” she said, starting to giggle at the unintended pun.

“What do you say to Daddy, Lucy?” he then demanded sharply, his hand grabbing a fistful of her hair, his tone all at once stern and cold, as he drew her head back from his cock, still attached by a long thread of saliva.

“More please Daddy” Lucy moaned, her demeanor at once submissive, half crazed with lust and longing. He held her by the hair at the back of her head and drove his length home again and again, her kitty suddenly wet and wanton at his change in his voice and demeanour.

Oh god she loved him strict.

Daddy suddenly and without warning took her head in both hands and face fucked her hard for a full six or seven strokes, deep and fast, leaving her teary eyed, gasping for breath and heart pounding. She pushed at his legs trying to pull away but he was having none of it and just as her head was starting to swim, he stopped to let her breathe again.

“Right you little minx, it’s time to get up.” Daddy pulled his girl off his cock and swept the covers back, leaving her still panting but now cold and naked too.

You can wear your pink flowery dress today and leave the bunches in” he stated calmly as he dressed. “Now hurry up and get ready I want you ready to leave in the car in 10 minutes”

Lucy wiggled off the now fast cooling bed and was heading to the bedroom door when Daddy stopped her.

“Where do you think you are going, Missy?”

“But Daddy I need to pee?”

No, you can hold it in.” he commanded and Lucy whimpered and did a little jiggle, clenching herself and wondering how long she would be able to hold it in, as she normally went to the bathroom as soon as she woke up. Quickly she grabbed her floral dress off the hanger in the wardrobe, wriggled into a pair of cotton panties, slipped on a pair of light sandals and quickly joined Daddy in the kitchen who was fishing wrapped foil packages out of the fridge and loading up his big camping rucksack.

Literally ten minutes later they pulled away from the house and drove out of town into the country, eventually stopping at the forestry car park where Lucy saw a toilet block open for the public.

“Daddy can I go please, I need a pee badly? Please, please?” She pleaded with a megawatt batting of her eyelashes.

“No Lucy, Daddy wants you to hold it in a little longer. Now come on, we are going for a walk”.

Daddy climbed out and grabbed his rucksack. Pouting a little, Lucy set off after him down a path through the woods. For a quarter of an hour they climbed steadily up a tree strewn path and then they took a side turn and started to veer up towards a rocky outcrop.

Lucy was worried now that she was truly going to pee her panties and she hoped Daddy had packed spares. He usually did, but he had told her to hold it in and she didn’t want to get punished by disobeying him and making a mess of herself at the same time.

Just as she was about to say something, they arrived at the base of a large rock. The path led up around to the top of the huge boulder and so they both climbed to the top. Arriving at the summit, Lucy looked round and saw what must have been half of Yorkshire from the rolling moors to the blue sea far on the horizon.

“Hand me your panties and bend over” said Daddy sternly, yet caressing her cheek with one hand as he dropped down the heavy rucksack on the mossy floor. Lucy stepped slowly and carefully out of the cotton floral undergarments and obediently handed them to him. Then she bent at the waist, hitching her dress over her back so that her bare arse was warmed by the sun. Daddy reached into his bag and pulled out a pouch where he extracted two linked balls and spreading her thighs wider, he pushed them slowly into her.

"Nnnnnnnghh" Lucy moaned as each ball opened her up and popped inside her wetness.

Lucy felt more pressure on her bladder as they stretched her tight hole and moaned loudly as the balls filled her. She was clenching hard against the desire to pee and she started to whimper. Daddy smiled coldly as his fingers lingered on her swollen button and he gave her a little rub.

“Do you need to pee, little girl” He teased.

“Lucy moaned again and laid her hand on his arm as she groaned softly “Yes Daddy, sooooo badly now. Please..?”

“Then strip Lucy, and give me all your clothes, now” He commanded and Lucy hurried to pull her dress and shoes off in the sunshine until she was naked except for the ribbons in her hair. Daddy put the clothes in a small pile on the mossy floor by his feet.

His hand then reached into the rucksack and produced a long length of coarse rope. Quickly he had Lucy kneel and then drop to her belly, while he bound her breasts tightly, her arms crossed behind her back were bound too. The rope was quite coarse and hairy and it made her breasts bulge out proudly but the piece crossing over her hardened nipples rubbed viciously and Lucy bit her lip as the wetness between her legs began to seep out past the balls and down her milky white thighs.

Noticing his little girl squirming, Daddy forced her legs even further apart. He cupped her kitty and pressed his strong fingers hard on her now swollen clit, jiggling the balls inside her to the sounds of her tortured wails as the urge to pee made her clit throb and she was conflicted with the need to relieve herself and the need to cum.

Daddy then took out a blanket from his bag and laid it down a little way apart from his bound and sobbing prisoner and proceeded to unpack his pre-prepared picnic of sandwiches, cakes and juice.

Lucy was desperate to relieve her bladder now and tears brimmed in her eyes. Daddy knelt over his tormented little girl and slowly stroked her bottom, running his hands over her smooth buttocks to the tight little vee her kitty made. Daddy’s fingers dipped in between her puffy lips, feeling how wet his little slut was becoming and he forced her legs wide again despite her muffled protestations, giving her arse a dozen harsh slaps for not obeying properly.

Then Lucy let out a yelp as a cold, hard object touched her hot clitty and Daddy, kneeling beside her, turned on the rocket vibrator he’d had hidden in his pocket and held it forcefully against her button, turning it this way and that, the vibrations sending small spasms of pleasure coursing through her bound and helpless body.

“Nuuuuu Daddy..” Lucy gasped, trying to squirm away from the intensity of the vibe. “I need to pee”

“Then do both, princess.” He ordered. “Let Daddy watch you pee and cum at the same time” and he jabbed the vibe rhythmically on her poor aching, throbbing little button and with a long, loud animalistic moan, Lucy started to shudder against her bonds, the rough mossy floor scratching her swollen breasts and throbbing nipples.

Lucy’s body tensed and with a loud “Ohhhhhhhhhgoddddddddyessssss Daddyyyyyyy” she bucked and strained violently, ejecting the wet balls onto the grass amid a full and hissing jet of golden piss streaming away from her legs.

Before Lucy can recover from the shaking turmoil inside her, she felt Daddy grab her hips, lifting and raising her up, turning her ninety degrees towards him. Lucy struggled to comply, her knees wobbly and bambi-like beneath her, as her wet and dripping sex was presented to him and her thighs were spread apart once more.

“Good Girl Lucy.” said Daddy brightly “Now, we’re going to have a long slow delicious fuck in the sunshine and we’ll see how tight you can make that little stretched out kitty clench around Daddy’s cock. Then we have a nice picnic lunch. I think I’m about to work up an appetite.”

Hello Lucy. I think this is a lovely blog and you and your Daddy are both very lucky to have found one another. I like it that your Daddy has introduced your bottom to being entered as well as being spanked of course. My question is - do you like your Daddy to cum inside your kitty or inside your bottom better? Or, like a good little girl, do you always want your Daddy to do what he wants?

Dear Anonymous

That’s a very good question.

I think i can answer it in two parts. Firstly, I like when Daddy cums in my kitty because he tends to push hard when he does, all growly like a bear, and doing that in my bottom hurts a lot more than in my kitty, so thats why.. but secondly, I do try to please my Daddy so in the end, it’s his decision to use me as he wishes, because his pleasure is my pleasure.


A deep, dark sleep.  A slow, slumbering awakening.  The press, hard, insistent, against her tight little bottom filtering through her consciousness. The sudden gasping sob of wakefulness as she felt her tiny little hole spread wide, stretched, shooting spasms of agonising yet delicious pain as her muscles were stretched around Daddy’s hardness inside her.

Sobbing fully now, her body on fire, clit pulsing, kitty oozing its own wetness, as she felt her Daddy, her Master, take and use her for his pleasure. Moaning through tears, her desire, heat, quivering pain, were all interwoven as he thrust deeper, harder, pulling her head back by her long tresses of hair.

"Fuck me Daddy!" she cried out, knowing that was already in progress, wanting more, harsher treatment, her need to be his wanton little bitch consuming her.

Suddenly he stopped, leaning close to her face, “Good morning princess” he growled, as he slipped from her, padding naked to the bathroom to clean her dirtiness from himself.

Lucy lay there for a second, absorbing the sudden departure, the empty feeling she had suddenly in her bowels. 

The relief.

The loss.

She reached back to touch herself and was aware then of a slight trickling sensation and the familiar touch of a slippery substance oozing from her backside.

Reaching quickly for the bedside drawer, she raised herself carefully into a half sitting position and pulled out the heavy butt plug Daddy had bought her some weeks before.

Unwrapping it from its drawstring bag, she lay on her side and pressed the cool, thick rubber nipple against her ring and eased it in. It slid in beautifully, for she was still a little numb from Daddy’s earlier onslaught and the feeling of fullness returned as its expanse engulfed her insides almost as much as Daddy had.

“Good morning Daddy” Lucy said brightly as she walked into the bathroom, already full of steam as she went immediately to open the window, and then stepping carefully, she slid behind her Daddy in the shower, catching the castoffs of the water as it bounced from his body onto hers.

Turning, Daddy growled lustily as he took Lucy bodily by the shoulders and they managed a slow pirouette so that she was now fully under the hot cascading water, gasping as the spray took her breath away and the fact that Daddy had taken a huge fistful of her hair and was tilting her head back so that her face was upturned towards the full jet of the waters’ stream.

Daddy then bent to her mouth and with a hot tongue he took his girl in a deep, loving kiss, their bodies pressed against each other, flesh to naked flesh, while the water battered against them, spraying in all directions.

“Mmhmmm..” Lucy moaned into his mouth as his tongue swirled and intertwined with hers. Daddy’s hands were now roaming her body, forcefully, hungrily, his hands exploring her slippery breasts,  urgently, finding the small, hard bullets that had risen to attention during the raping of her mouth.

Lucy stood passively as her Daddy toyed with her nipples, pinching first the left one slowly, slowly, then the right, his fingers vicing down as her whimpers increased, his other arm on the small of her back, pulling her towards him, forcing her to meet his eyes, his smile quirking up slightly at the corners of his mouth as he bent low to suck the obedient bud and bite it gently.

Then Daddy’s hand began to slide from her back to the dipped cleft of her buttocks and he made round circular motions over her wet skin before cupping the lower cheeks briefly and then determinedly, parted her bottom with his fingers to find the thick butt plug entrenched deeply inside her puckered rosebud.

He wiggled it.

Lucy moaned aloud.

“Mmmhmm, you like that, don’t you, little slut” growled Daddy.

“Yes Daddy, I do” she whimpered softly, as he removed the plug gently and putting it aside, began to slowly push his finger inside her slippery ass.Lucy turned obediently to face the wall, bending slightly and arching her back so that he bottom was jutting out. In this position, she could present herself further for Daddy’s pleasure.

Daddy would have pumped some lube they had from a dispenser on the window sill by the shower but she was slippery enough and so he began to thrust his fingers slowly but firmly up inside her tight little tunnel, sliding his own cum around her back entrance and over his thick cock to the sounds of his little girl almost sobbing with desire.

His cock was twitching in his hand as he lathered his own home made lube over it, the dark familiar ache to use and abuse his willing, twisted, dirty little whore almost overwhelming his senses as he took in her parted thighs, her arching back, the insistent pressing back against his probing digits.

Oh yes, now he was going to fuck her and hard.

Parting her cheeks with both hands his cock nuzzled its way towards her tightness. The training she had received had done little to loosen her but it had made it less painful than in the beginning when she had been utterly terrified of being taken this way. A previous accident where an old boyfriend had miscalculated on re-entry and rammed a very large and un-lubricated member into her virgin asshole and actually torn her, made her petrified of a reoccurrence.

Of course, Daddy was merciless. Playing on her fears, he had mocked her constantly, telling her he was going to use her when he wanted, how he wanted. How he was going to push her down and rape her ravaged hole violently and without a thought for her comfort or care. She would tremble and sob and plead with her Daddy not to do this, of course, and sometimes he would give her that look that said she was His, and she would take what he gave her, when she least expected it.

It kept her in her place.

After Daddy fucked his little princess hard in the ass and shot another full load of thick, hot cream into her, he rinsed the butt plug, slid it back inside her, patted her bottom and stepped out of the shower, leaving his little girl to wash her hair. Sometimes Daddy stayed to do this, but today he had a surprise for his little one. He dried off and went down to the kitchen to get things ready.

Shortly afterwards, he was joined in the kitchen by a clean and glowing little girl, and as she carefully combed out her long hair, he had an ache to hold her.

“Come here, little one and put your comb down” he said patting the chair which he had dragged close beside him.

Lucy put the comb into her bag which was hanging on the coat hook in the hallway and went to sit down on the chair.

“What is it, Daddy?” She asked, frowning slightly. The damp tendrils of her long hair curled wetly over her shoulders and she flicked them back as she faced him, giving him her full attention.

“This afternoon we will be going for a walk.”

Lucy brightened at the prospect. She loved going out with her Daddy, it didn’t matter where to, just that she was with him, out and about. She smiled.

“And you’re going to need this” said Daddy, placing a slim, pink leather strap on the table in front of her. It had bright shiny studs embedded into it and there was a small ring with a disc attached and Lucy realised, it was a dog collar.

It was one of those collars you see around the necks of the spoilt little handbag dogs made famous by popstars and footballers wives.

“Yes.” Daddy declared with a grin.

“I think its time I took my precious little puppy girl out for some training, don’t you?”

"Water, water everywhere…"

"Water, water everywhere…"

“I think I need to lose some weight, Daddy” Lucy called from the bathroom as she poured over the weighing scales with a small frown rippling across her smooth forehead.

Daddy looked up from his newspaper.

“You look perfect to me, little one.” He stated, dropping his gaze back to his paper as if that was the end of it.

“But Daddy…” Lucy began, as she entered the room, and then stopped as she caught herself. She tried a different tack.

“Maybe I should eat less and drink more water, Daddy?”

Daddy was well aware of Lucy’s obsession with her weight like so many little girls and he would not brook any nonsense about her eating any less as she probably did not eat enough as it was.

It was, he decided; time to teach her a lesson.

Daddy was thoughtful for a minute, then he put his paper down again and said flatly,

“Yes perhaps you are right, little one. Go and get a glass of water and sit down with Daddy while you drink it.”

Lucy beamed. A small victory was still a victory, none the less.

Lucy almost skipped through to the kitchen and returned dutifully with a large glass of water which she drank gainfully, smacking her lips as if it were the sweetest ambrosia. It was a pint and it took a few minutes to get it all down, but down it she did. And was about to leave when Daddy said:

“I think you should have another.” Daddy said, darkly.

“Um.. okay Daddy” Lucy had a sudden feeling of foreboding but went to fetch another glass.

It was only water, right? She drained the glass a little slower this time and set it down.

“And now another.” Daddy said.

This time, Lucy’s steps were slow and measured as she had time to consider her actions and her words and by this, her third glass of water. She was beginning to tire of the game and declared weakly when she had finished, “I think I’ve had enough water for now, Daddy”

“Very well” said Daddy and he returned finally to his paper, much to Lucy’s relief.

Lucy was about to take the empty glass back to the kitchen when Daddy gave his parting shot off the port bow.

“Lucy, when you feel you need to use the bathroom you must come and tell Daddy. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy” said Lucy, meekly, and off she went before Daddy made her drink another one.

An hour later and Lucy was hopping from one foot to the other in the bathroom. Daddy had brought out the weighing scales and he motioned her to step on them, which she did. Daddy took out his ever present notepad and jotted down the figure on the scale and then nodded.

“Okay little one, you can step off now”

“Daddy, can I go pee now, please?” she pleaded, meaning could Daddy leave the bathroom so she could have some privacy.

Daddy slid the scales back under the drawers and turned to look down at his hopping little girl.

“No I think you can wait a little longer” he said with a serious tone.

Lucy trembled. Now she was worried. Daddy had used certain controls with her before but never bathroom denial. She was almost bursting and a small sob escaped from her lips as she turned her sorrowful face to the toilet and back to her Daddy.

But Daddy was resolute. He turned her bodily around and scooted her from the bathroom with a sharp smack to her bum cheeks, to which she dare not disobey.

Perhaps he will let me go soon, she thought.

Another horrendous hour ticked by. Lucy felt like her bladder was about to burst and she had to perch herself on the step outside so that the pressure kept her from having an accident as she kicked her legs in frustration.

Suddenly Daddy appeared in the doorway and as he approached, he held out his hand for Lucy to take, as she was expected to do. Holding Daddy’s hand, she was led down the yard to the small copse of trees which grew at the foot of the garden, providing a welcome shade in summer time and a little privacy from the neighbouring houses.

Daddy said not a word, but marched Lucy towards one of the wider trees and placed her hands flat on its broad trunk, lifting Lucy’s skirt and pulling her hips back towards him in one fluid gesture.

Lucy bit her lip at the sudden cramp in her tummy as her bladder threatened to let rip and she whined softly as she felt Daddy’s hands slide inside her panties.  Without taking them down, he then slipped two fingers inside her soft folds, pressing his hard aching erection against her butt cheeks.

“If you’re a good girl for Daddy, I might let you pee” He growled lustfully in her ear,
his mouth very close to her cheek. She could feel the slight stubble of his face scratching her soft skin, and she rubbed herself against him, her cheek against his, like a cat.

“Please let me pee, Daddy” she moaned, it was all she could think of. It was really starting to hurt and her belly was swollen and distended with all the water she had drunk. Coupled with the fact that she was wet between her legs, her clit was throbbing uncontrollably, painfully. She wiggled against him, still hopping slightly.

Daddy’s fingers were working her kitty hard now and she was slick with juice. Daddy peeled back one side of Lucy’s panties, exposing her pink and ripe bottom and he began to caress and fondle her tight little flower as she pushed back against him, whimpering louder now.

“Nasty little slut wants to be fucked, does she?” Daddy hissed, his voice thick with desire as his hardness almost impaled her from behind. Lucy could feel the tight bulge easily and with a quick jerk of his wrist, Daddy had freed himself from his jeans and his hot hard member was pressing against her soft flesh, parting her buttocks and heading for her tight, tender hole.

Lucy moaned again, torn between wanting to be taken, and being allowed to release her aching bladder. “Please Daddy.. god yes.. fuck me.. but please let me pee? Please Daddy?”

Daddy licked his fingers and wet the tip of his fat cock and holding her butt cheeks wide, he started to push his way into her, one painful inch at a time, then he stopped pushing, and took her again by the hips, his mouth again so very close to her ear, he snarled

“You will pee when Daddy allows you to, and not before, do you hear me!”

It wasn’t really a question, but Lucy nodded frantically and whispered “Yes Daddy, I’m sorry.. please don’t be cross with me..”

Then Daddy put one hand across her tummy. Lucy started to cry as the pressure now was almost too much to bear. Twin tracks of her tears trickled down her cheeks as Daddy’s other hand snaked between her legs once more and he resumed his torment of her tender button, rubbing it up and down with wet fingers, fast and hard, at the same time he also started to fuck Lucy’s ass slowly, pulling her back against him with his arm, and Lucy could hold it no longer.

“OH Daddy PLEASE let me pee now..” she cried, almost beyond herself with the pain on her bladder and belly.

Daddy grunted loudly as he pushed deep into her, stretching her tight tunnel mercilessly, and as he did so, he barked “Now little slut, pee for Daddy! Pee on Daddy’s fingers, my filthy little fucktoy!”

Lucy’s bladder opened like a floodgate and a great whoosh of pale straw colored urine jetted from between his fingers as he frigged his little girls cunny and her legs buckled, and would have stumbled, had she not been held in place by Daddy’s arm and his fat cock, holding her up. Still it poured from her, filling her nostrils with a soft odor that was not unpleasant.

Her panties, having not been removed, were saturated and clinging to her skin, soaking up the fluid as fast as she could emit it, and the relief was so total, so immense, she came hard on Daddy’s hand without asking for permission, but as Daddy was at that point filling up her back passage with his hot, creamy cum, he didn’t seem to mind, this time.

Daddy held her for some time although it was probably only a few minutes before withdrawing from her, tucking her panties back to where they had been and patting her sticky bottom as his seed began to ooze slowly into the white cotton cloth, which was still saturated with her pee at the front.

Daddy pulled up his jeans and put himself away, and taking Lucy’s hand once more, Daddy led his little girl, now very subdued, back to the bathroom and drew out the scales once more, and with a little prodding, Lucy stepped upon them once again and looked down, forlornly.
Her bottom ached, her bladder felt still full and had not yet returned to normal and she was starting to feel uncomfortable in the wet, sticky panties that she knew she would have to wear for at least the rest of the day as punishment.

“Well Lucy.. “ Daddy began, as he fished out his notepad from the top pocket of his shirt. Daddy checked his notes, looked at the scales and put his notepad away again.

“I think you’re right, babygirl, drinking water DOES work.. you’ve lost a pound!”

And with that, he patted her soggy bottom once more, and left.

Driving Miss Lucy

Driving Miss Lucy

Lucy came from the bathroom draped only in a towel and picked up her cellphone.

She had heard a message arrive by the little tune singing its alert to say an email or a text had arrived and being ever curious, she had to know who it was from.

It was from Daddy! It said:

    “I am heading out in the car and will be at this place for an hour”

There was a name she had never heard of and she wondered where it was.

    “Come as you are, no perfume, no special clothing. Daddy x”

Lucy was beside herself. When had this arrived? Oh god, 4 minutes ago, she looked at the little time display on her computer and her mind whirled. She would have to get the Sat-Nav and find this place.
How long would it take to get there? It was late already.. 17:09 it would be dark soon.. Come as you are eh? She thought.. better get dressed first.

Her tummy whizzed into a knot of worry, anxiety and excitement. This was so exciting!

She left the house in a flurry of coat grabbing and car keys and she was off, driving along the leafy country lanes, towards the destination where her Daddy had said to go to. She quickly put in the
location into the Sat-Nav and waited impatiently as the computer found a satellite to point at and work out the time and ETA, and Bingo.

An hour and a HALF?

Oh God! That’s miles away.. and then she saw where the arrow was pointing and it was near to the road that had been closed off the week before! Oh no! It was just getting worse.

Then the phone rang. She looked at the caller ID. It was Daddy. Thank god.

“Hello little one, where are you?” His voice cheerfully rang out over the noise of the engine as she throttled her way past another slow driver.

"Daddy I’m going to be ages yet" Lucy called into the Sat-Nav’s speaker "It says at least another hour!"

Her voice could not hide the disappointment because she knew her Daddy would not be able to stay long as he rose early for work.

"Well then I will have to come a little further to meet you" Daddy said calmly. "Tell me where you are now"

"I’m just coming up to the road that was closed up Daddy, but there are no signs up this time, so it might be open again? What shall I do Daddy? Shall I go back or carry on?"

Daddy was stoical “Well I want you to carry on, but if the road is closed..” Quickly, he made a decision.

"Call me back when you know little one, and we will take it from there. Call me back in ten minutes".

And he clicked off.

Lucy was determined now to see her Daddy, She’d been driving for almost an hour now and the knot in her stomach was tight but yet she was still excited rather than anxious. She’d missed him so much these past few days and felt very emotional talking to him that morning and wanted to be with him, to feel his strong hands holding her, stroking her face, telling her it would be alright..

At last she saw the turning and the road was clear! Immediately she called Daddy to tell him the good news. Now it would be easy to reach him and after she made the call, she sped up and soon they had found each other and each car had screeched to a halt and Lucy was running to her Daddy and his mouth was on hers so fast she almost choked on the gum she was chewing.

Lucy swallowed quickly as Daddy kissed her hard and long and she melted into his embrace, then she felt his strong hands twist into her hair and grip her head tight, that familiar pull sending spasms of hot excitement coursing through her tummy in waves.

Words were redundant by this point but still it was so good to hear his husky growl in her ear;

"Daddy’s little slut has missed her Daddy, hasn’t she?" and she moaned her assent into his mouth as they kissed again.

"Come little one, let’s move the cars from prying eyes and find somewhere a little more private"

Lucy followed obediently in her car to a nice quiet country lane which may have led to a farm, and she stopped the car and opened the door as Daddy took her in his arms again and they kissed some more.
Lucy could kiss Daddy like this all night and she wrapped her arms around his upper leg and twisted her little fists in the loose cloth of his jeans just at the back of his knees.

She was aroused heavily by now and his kisses and hair pulling were making her squirm on the car seat as she sat side saddle facing out, her legs spilt open by Daddy’s as he stood between her thighs, bending to kiss and bite her cheek softly. Suddenly, Lucy had a thought.

"Are you going to punish me Daddy?" She asked him meekly, remembering she had teased him earlier in a few choicely worded emails.

Daddy tilted her chin to face his stern look. “I should, you little minx” he growled.
"You have been teasing Daddy a lot just lately" He added, a little gruffly perhaps recalling the ache he had felt at her words.

"Daddy you tease me too a lot more" Lucy squeaked, slightly worried that the belt she was staring at had a sharp looking buckle and he had threatened her with it, but Daddy was already raising her T-shirt and feeling for Lucy’s nipples.

With dextrous ease he had one in his grasp and with sadistic slowness, he began to squeeze torturously. Whether it was the cold or the adrenalin she had used to get there quickly, she didn’t know but she felt every nanosecond of that punishing squeeze and she started to sob.

Soon tears were forming at her eyes and she was whimpering loudly but Daddy hadn’t finished and he took the other nipple in his other hand, and slowly but surely that one also received the same attention as its mate.

Lucy by this time had buried her face in Daddy’s midriff and was sobbing outwardly now. She knew she had to be punished, but it hurt so. She would rather have taken a spanking but then, she probably would have cried at that too.

Not because it hurt, and not because she had been especially naughty, but because she craved the punishment and needed a lot more than she actually got.

It wasn’t that she was that needy either, that she couldn’t cope without the attention, after all, she had been without a Daddy at all for a long time, but now that she had one, one that truly understood her, it was almost painful to be away from him, despite their near constant daily contact.

Then Daddy pulled her t-shirt aside at the neck exposing her creamy shoulders and, bending his mouth, he fastened on with a long slow bite that left her gasping. Which was then followed by a matching one at the other side of her neck.

"Daddy has marked you now, my wicked little girl" He stated, pleased at the way the flesh was already rising in four arcs of red weals.

Lucy found herself rubbing herself on Daddy’s hardness, as it pressed against her cheek through the thick material of his jeans.

"Daddy…” Lucy whispered…” Daddy I want to suck you" she told him blatantly.

Daddy raised an eyebrow at this, his arousal obvious as he started to unzip himself.
"Oh you do, do you, my little slut?"

Daddy’s voice was calm and relaxed as usual but his grip on her hair became very tight as he freed his cock with his other free hand.

"You want this, do you, little whore? Daddy pulled Lucy’s head onto his top and off again. Lucy licked it quickly, watching his reaction, wanting him to see her arousal, her eagerness to please him. "Yes Daddy" she admitted softly, a small smile appearing on her lips.

Of course she wanted it. Daddy pulled her head so she could take it in her mouth this time.

"Tell Daddy what you are" he demanded.

"I’m your little whore Daddy" said Lucy, around a mouthful of his hard cock.

Daddy then began to slam her head onto his hardness back and forth, filing her mouth and throat with each thrust. Lucy relaxed her muscles and took it deep; enjoying the control taken from her while her Daddy used her mouth for his pleasure, and was just starting to get used to his length when Daddy suddenly slammed her right to his buckle almost, and his thick cock rammed right down her windpipe, cutting off her air.

Lucy panicked. She pushed at his legs, her heart hammering as she saw lights dance before her eyes and then black flakes of ash drifted down her sight.. Then whoosh… the air shot back into her lungs as Daddy pulled out with a yank of her hair.

Lucy gagged loudly and gulped at the air, while a long trail of saliva hung from her lower lip to his shaft. She raised her watery eyes to her Daddy’s face.

"Again, Daddy. More please"

And again she was pounded by his thick member and he gagged her deeply, this time she could feel it bulge in the front of her throat and she coughed as he retracted. A little more panicky this time as she could still feel him inside her despite her throat being empty.

He had stretched her.

He gathered up the drool from her mouth and kissed the tears from her eyes tenderly, checking to see if she was ok. She nodded. “I’m ok Daddy” She affirmed with a small smile though her emotions were about to break her.

This was what she needed. She wanted to feel helpless and controlled like this all the time. Even when it was rough and perhaps hurt her a little. Daddy said afterwards that she had to tell him next time and beg for a better position to which he may consent. He was good like that.

Then it was time for Daddy to leave. She sighed and tried to be brave and not cry. She would see him again soon, she knew and making Daddy feel bad was not in her nature. She nodded and smiled. He made sure she was all set and facing the right way when they drove off together, he going back home and she going to hers.

It was a long drive home for Lucy and the dark helped her think about what life would be like with Daddy if she was with him all the time. She would be bruised and sore, that is for sure.

Lucy smiled to herself in the darkness as she drove the rest of the way home.

A Walk in the Woods.

A Walk in the Woods.

"Oh this is fun Daddy" laughed Lucy as she picked her way after him, over brambles and small hidden tree stumps lying in wait for her under tufts of moss and various vegetation. Those sneaky stumps were only there to trip her up because she was wearing boots with heels and she walked precariously enough in them without the added fun element of falling ass-over-tit in the damp, knee-deep grassy floor of the forest they were walking in.

Daddy had decided over lunch that they should take a nice little walk in the sunshine and they took off in the car up the long forest drive where they had found a handy lay-by to then park the car and explore.

Daddy held Lucy’s hand for the most part, and it was nice to feel his warm, firm grip holding her steady, helping her over the trickier logs and boggy patches of wet earth. He even held back some vicious looking bramble spikes while she passed by. Lucy sighed happily. Her Daddy was so good and kind and looked after her so well.

Soon after a little more walking they found a nice clearing which was well out of sight, well, mostly, from the road. The recent bout of rain had dampened every log in the area so they could not sit, as Daddy had wished to, but it did not spoil his plans for the afternoon.

Nodding to the large tree behind her, Daddy told her to turn around and place her hands on the trunk. Lucy turned obediently, her nipples pulsing as she did so. She felt the rough bark and saw that there were small thick branches jutting out either side like handlebars. She gripped them tightly, as Daddy’s voice close to her ear made her jump a little.

“Get your legs open for Daddy, my little bitch” he growled, his hands moving under her short skirt.

Lucy immediately spread her legs wide, planting her feet quickly and solidly into the thick loamy earth as his cool fingers probed her warm soft lips for a few minutes, and she let out a soft moan.

Daddy leaned forward over her shoulder and tasted her sticky strawberry mouth, his tongue swirling around hers as he took her long pony tail in his fist and slowly pulled her head back until she gasped, her eyes closing into the light streaming down through the forest branches above.
Then he was mashing his mouth onto hers in a deep, hot kiss before pulling her head to one side by her hair and biting her neck slowly as he worked down to her shoulder, biting into her creamy skin, harder, hearing her whimper, he pushed her head down.

“Now bend over, my dirty little slut” Daddy rasped, and his hands pulled Lucy’s skirt up and over her hips and catching hold of her white cotton panties, began to lower them to her thighs…

To be continued…